Winners of the Waterland Associates' Tallest Tower Competition

Waterland Associates renewed their commitment to helping young people move from education into the world of work by being involved once more in the 'World's most Exciting Careers Fair' at the Embankment in Peterborough. Many companies and thousands of students came together to discuss a huge variety of careers options including construction and architecture.

On our stand this year Waterland Associates set budding designers the challenge of building a structurally sound yet elegant tower using only straws and pipe cleaners. We had a fascinating day observing students investigate an amazing variety of approaches to solving this tricky problem ... with varying degrees of success.

Practice Principal David Smith said "Sometimes the ideas that don't work are the most important steps on the road to the best solution and everyone who took part will have learnt something about the joy and frustration of working in design."

In the face of stiff competition, there were two groups that jointly won the prize:

  • Dekland Carr, Daniel Mountford, Kalib Eames and Keano Weise.
  • David and Daniel Fordham.

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